June 14, 2024
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Breadfruit – Tasty & Nutritious Superfood

What is Breadfruit ?

Breadfruit is a tasty and nutritious superfood. Although the fruit looks very similar to its relative of the same genus, the jackfruit, it is much smaller in size. Its aroma is frequently compared to the smell of baked bread.

 The superfood is an excellent source of dietary fibre which is important for smooth digestion. What’s more? It is rich in starch and is considered a diabetic-friendly food. Breadfruit has a history of over 49,000 years. The tropical tree is easy to grow, self-sustaining and can last generations. As a locally grown food source, it has enormous economic potential for the agricultural sector. The ‘miracle crop’ has the potential to play an important role in alleviating hunger and food insecurity.

How to Choose Breadfruit

If it hasn’t already dropped from the tree when it’s ripe, it will turn yellow or brownish. The trick to picking breadfruit is to pick it just before it gets this ripe, however, make sure that it’s firm on the outside.

The medium-sized fruit is the best to purchase as you could use it for any cooking needs.

Ways to Prepare and Cook Breadfruit

Breadfruit can be cooked/ prepared as a tasty dish in a large number of ways. The versatile fruit can be boiled, curried, baked or even roasted. The ripe breadfruit can also be enjoyed raw!

Well, if you aren’t a fan of breadfruit curry or curries in general, you can eat it as a healthy snack too! Breadfruit chips can be a fun and enjoyable source of nutrition for the whole family!

How to Make Breadfruit Chips

If you would like to prepare mouthwatering deep fried breadfruit chips, then look no further, you may check Rasakama’s recipe –

However, if you prefer spicy food, you might like to check out Savory Spins recipe – https://www.islandsmile.org/fried-breadfruit-snack-two-ways/

As Sri Lankans we must value breadfruit, and be proud of the fact that we can grow and harvest it as a local crop. Eating breadfruit can be a memorable experience, as you can always choose to eat it and have it prepared according to your taste and liking.

After all, could you find another fruit that’s versatile, packed with nutrition and delicious?

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